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Research project developed in the UK at Birmingham University- you can find an online copy a low price!

About Me

I am born on 1st  Dicember, 1992, in Moncalieri (TO)- Italy and I lived for most time of my life between Castelnuovo Don Bosco (country where Giovanni Bosco was born) and Turin; successively I moved on the United Kingdom for two years and I am currently living in Parma (Emilia Romagna-Italy). 
Firstly, I got my high school diploma in Chieri (Turin) in Agriculture winning two financial awards. However, I am an italian geologist with BSc in Geological Sciences at University of Turin and I have attended a MSc in Geotechnical Engineering at University of Birmingham, gaining a Postgraduate Diploma. Currently, I am attending the last year of another MSc in Geological Sciences at University of Parma, Italy. 
In 2016, I worked along of the department of Earth Sciences at University of Cambridge, obtaining knowledge in GIS software, under supervision of the emeritus senior lecturer Dr. Peter Friend.  
In 2019, I was involved  in a project which was composed by University of Parma, ENI and the Geophysical Institute of Trieste, in order to accomplish geophysical investigations at Montemurro hills, in Basilicata (Italy). 
In October 2019, I got the certification to administer buildings in Italy - A.R.A.I association number S19CA324 . 
Furthermore I am keen on Geology, Geophysics, Geotecnhical Engineering, Hydrogeology and Natural Engineering. What's more, I have other interests for instance, I consider my-self as a collector of gold coins and ancient objects; indeed at the age of eighteen years old I started to manage a business shop. These experiences  have given me all necessary skills to be ready for a future investment  in my career. 

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Training & Activities

Training course: Expert environmental  sampler at Desio (Italy).

Speaker (climate change) at Liceo G.Marconi (Parma,Italy)

Working at Birmingham University (England)-Research project.

Construction site visitor (Birmingham-Uk)

Working at Cambridge University (England) by using arcGIS software.

Fabrizio is a traveler man, who is constantly going all over the world in order to meet prominent entrepreneurs  and establish a connection with them. The Geologist Filipello has been in California - San Francisco -  and in New York many times.

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